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何岳峰 敬上

2009年3月3日 星期二

from subversion to mercurial

It's enough for me to test/learn/use mercurial, i decide to convert my old subversion repositories now.

To convert subversion repository, you need the '''python-svn''', '''python-subversion''' plugins in the Ubuntu.

Then you should check the working subversion repository has no need to type username/password at the status of '''svn update''', or you will get the '''XXX does not look like a Subversion repo''' message from '''hg convert'''.

When you are ready, just type '''hg convert -s svn your_svn_repo_dir''', and you can get a dir named '''your_svn_repo_dir-hg'''.

Congratulation! It's a peice of cake.



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